Ilyse Lesser LCSW
I provide supportive psychotherapy and counseling services in New York City for individuals, couples, and groups. My specialties address a wide range of psychological disorders and difficulties encountered in daily living. Psychotherapy can provide relief and personal growth for people seeking to make positive changes in their lives, especially during difficult times when problems may begin to feel overwhelming.

Psychotherapy and Counseling give you the tools to gain a better understanding of yourself and others, which in turn can lead to greater satisfaction in many areas of your life. As an experienced psychotherapist, it is important that I assist patients in developing healthy changes that allow for growth in self awareness. I work with a wide range of patients who encounter daily struggles, some of which include managing relationships, anxiety, depression, and feelings of worthlessness.

I am frequently asked by new patients which approach I use in my practice. Based on my years of psychotherapy and counseling experience, I have found that there is no “one size fits all” approach. Individuals come to therapy for different reasons and with different needs. While I generally work from a psychodynamic approach, I integrate awareness, cognitive and behavioral approaches as needed. During our initial consultation, these treatment approaches will be discussed in greater detail as your individual needs are evaluated.

My specialties include: life transitions, new motherhood, infertility, chronic illness, coping with cancer, and bereavement to name a few. A description of my specialties can be found on the Specialties page. Please take a few minutes to browse through my website. My goal is to help you discover a course of action that will lead you to mind and body wholeness.

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Ilyse Lesser, LCSW
New York Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Providing psychotherapy and counseling in Midtown Manhattan and Southern Westchester
Phone: 917.757.7040

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